Khe Sanh Arabica Yellow Catuai

Khe Sanh Arabica Yellow Catuai

Newly released in July 2013, Yellow Catuai is a smooth tasting coffee with good flavour and rich acidity. Available in Dark Medium roast.

Catuai is a hybrid of the Caturra and Mundo Novo coffee varieties. This variety, together with the Catimor variety, was imported to Vietnam from Cuba during the 1980s but its weak anti-disease ability meant it did not become common in Vietnam. The production cost for Catuai is higher than Catimor due to the extra labour required for harvesting as the trees are mixed with other varieties. Catuai can also be easily infected with disease which can cause a crop loss and result in a low yield. The overall smaller yield also means a higher production cost per kilogram.

Oriberry is proud to offer Catuai because of the opportunity it brings to very low income and remote farmers.  Farmers can develop a Catuai garden to produce a premium and high quality Arabica variety and sell directly to us. Our Khe sanh farmer cooperative also helps these farmers set up their own household processing line. This means farmers can produce the parchment before selling and reduce the transportation cost, which can hinder them in competing with other farmers planting Catimor in the area.

We’re excited about introducing Catuai to our customers for the first time. The release of this new variety also coincides with the 45 year anniversary of the Khe sanh Battle, which we've respectfully acknowledged on our packaging.

Currently only available in Dark Medium Roast.


Price: 110,000 VND
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